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  Whether we refer to interior design or to art decoration my way of development a project is based essentially on communication. As a first step, to start with I have a preliminary meeting with the client.

The most important is to know and understand first the person you are going to work for and only then, to see the place you will decorate.

The house has to reflect many things about its owner: his/her personality, preferences (I mean specific decoration style, preferred colours and textures), profession and last but not least, the particular destination of the house.

Why are all these details so important?

It is of extreme importance to understand what your client really likes and, even more important, what she/he does not like, what she/he would never like to see around him in the house.

We keep talking every day about trends in fashion, in art and in interior design and decoration. For all these we can find catalogues, magazines and special studies and reports that I usually recommend and present to my clients. But more important than that I recommend to my clients to make choice of things and art decoration that fit with their style and personality, that makes them feel good, rather than being trendy.

It is true that glass and ceramic decoration is back in trend. However, to fit those with the ambient, one should find these in a romantic environment. In addition, what are you then going to do if you prefer wood, for instance? Make sure that in such a case, I will recommend you wood rather than trendy decoration.

It is also important to me to know if in your house you will often organize parties or meetings with many friends. I have always to consider the house functionality when I recommend a project to my clients.

There is lot of things I would like to know about my client. Somebody loving flowers would prefer to be surrounded by different flower arrangements. She/he will never feel like having no time enough to take care of all these. But you need to know this information in the very early stage of conceiving the interior design and this cannot really happen unless you have meetings and detailed discussions with your client.

Bottom line it is a matter of trust and confidence from the house owner to leave you to get, somehow in the intimacy of his desires. But I never forget that, by the time my job will be fulfilled the client will live there and not me. Ha has to like it, he has to feel a state of good.

Meeting a client will have to answer to some very basic but essential questions so, therefore by the end of the project the house to look exactly as the client wished to have it look.

There is nothing like a standard number of meetings. Every client is a different individual, with every project there are new issues you have to address, new targets you need to achieve. This is where the beauty of my profession lies: each project is a new challenge.

This is the reason why I always try to adapt my views to the specifics of each project. As soon as I gathered all information about the project (including the budget), details vary from a client to another.

These are clients that are interested to be kept posted at all times with the project progressing, with all specific objects and decoration I choose and acquire.

Some wish that we go and choose these together. But some clients wish to see the whole thing only when it is ready.

I used to have clients that trusted me fully and never wished to see or know details during the project progress. Those were the most beautiful and exciting projects I experienced. Moreover, the client satisfaction when he had seen the final "product" was my up most reward.

At the first meeting, I always discuss deadlines with my clients. When we talk about fully decorating a house, I have to consider the relation with various suppliers and various delivery deadlines they suggest pending on complexity of products or works they have to deliver.
If the project includes also installing grit stone, faience, parquet, wall painting, windows then I usually go in parallel with both parts of the project: design and decoration. In parallel with my team doing the finishing of the house, I can choose and order furniture and acquire already art decorations.

Many times, I choose mural painting, since it gives a specific charm and character to a room. Especially, the child bedroom looks like in ferry tales with mural painting. Each child has her/his preferred ferry tale character or loves specific stories. Her/his room will become a living one and the child will smile spending time with her/his favourite characters.

All my meetings with clients are free of charge. Commission is always paid at final delivery. The commission I charge varies with the size of each project budget. There is nothing like a small or big budget. You do not need a big budget to decorate a house. Good sense, lovely ambient and the "home" type of feeling are priceless, you do not buy them. Accessories and art decoration you do. And it is entirely upon you to decide how much are you willing to invest here.


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