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About interior design (Interiors Design)

Interior design has its roots in environmental psychology, architecture, furniture design and traditional art decorations.Interior design is a creative practice that analyzes information, establishes a conceptual direction and refines both design and graphic communication directions.

It also involves space integrity manipulation and the creation of an experience and life style using ambiental psychology.
Interior design is the art of decorating a room so to make it become attractive and functional, within the existing architectural framework.

The final objective of interior design is to create a specific feeling or state of mind about a room; it includes wall paper selection/laying, wall painting (including mural painting), various surface painting (niches, columns, etc), furniture and accessories as well as sculptures and painting selection.


Decor - Minor changes with major effects

It happens, quite often, to become bored about our house, our decorations, our surroundings. This is normal and I always advise my clients to try to change the way their house looks, from time to time.

For instance, in spring and summer we may choose vivid colours (yellow, orange and red) while during winter and autumn we may choose �cold" colours (green, blue and mauve). Minor changes can create major effects. Changing only few decorations (coloured candles, vases, bowls, potpourris) the entire ambient is changing.

To make these minor changes easy I always suggest couches, sofas and armchairs with removable slip covers. These are easy to maintain and replace with new models, colours, etc. The couch will be a different one: another colour, texture and print combined with other colorful pillows over the armchairs, will make you feel the entire house, the entire ambient has changed.

Radical solutions are our first thought when we get bored about the existing design of our home. Certainly, we simply cannot replace all our furniture - it is a costly and time consuming solution.
Therefore I have some tricks to solve this kind of issue: curtains and draperies are easy to replace and fit with the "new" coach and armchairs and will make the entire room look new.

Some of my clients are emotionally attached to some old and dusty furniture pieces. Why not recondition it? We can do this at very affordable prices and will match the aesthetics with emotions and comfort need.


Christmas and Easter decorations

Christmas and The New Year means happiness for all of us. We use to shop a lot , offer presents to our beloved, buy the Christmas tree and, of course, wait for Santa.

Why not start with home decoration - the place where we will spend a lot of time during winter holidays. Christmas is for family and closed friends reunions. So why not enjoy also a pleasant environment at home? It's so easy - replace the usual decorations with some specific ones: globes coronets, gold threads, fir cones decorations and so on.

Do you remember the self-made Christmas cards of our childhood? Made from globes powder glued on paper? Well, we can replace the paper with fir and your kids, family and friends will be thrilled of your performance.

The offer for Christmas as well as Easter decorations is almost endless. Think on the wood fiber baskets that that you can fill with coloured eggs and match this with other wood specific decoration symbolizing Easter.

Candles offer is also very wide: so many colours, forms, models. We got so much used to watch American movies and see things are there so "different". But we can do the same: bring the holidays spirit into our homes. The aroma of fresh baked cookies will be even better in your newly Christmas or Easter style decorated home.


Decorations - Affordable solutions

We often hear lately a lot of things about feng shui. I do not recommend you to buy the compass feng shui; this is only for connoisseurs. I also do not suggest you create your own graphs and table; it is much too difficult and you can only succeed after years of practice. But it is rather easy to consider some advice. If you will wish more information, I can help you in this.

Did you get bored of some glass pearl necklace? Do not through them away. You can take them of the chair and put them in a glass bowl, together with a coloured candle assorted with them.

Use as many stones. One can buy river stones, nicely polished as well as coloured stones. River stones may be used in bathroom, balconies and terraces and with the coloured ones you can create a beautiful flower arrangement, using a higher glass bowl with a bamboo surrounded by these coloured stones and pour water inside. The impression will be really amazing. (Make sure you will read carefully the instructions on the bags containing coloured stones. If you wish to use them for a flower arrangement, you will have to first wash them properly. Otherwise the colour on the stones will damage any flower. (It happened to me with a bamboo that died because of this).

I like silk scarfs not only in clothing but also in art decoration. Think about how will look a silk scarf "flowing" down from a decorative wood box. Not to mention that same box you may practically use to keep your jewelery inside. And please do not throw away curtain remainings; you cannot imagine how exciting things one can do with them.


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